Friday, August 28, 2009

volleyball anyone?

Well, Last monday Volleyball camp started. i was there in the morning helping the younger girls.
then went at night for my camp. mon-fri.

The this monday Tryouts (Daily Doubles) yuck.

made varsity. but probably will only play on jv.
but its whatever. i got free shoes. and im gunna be on the poster. cant get much better than that, right?

School starts monday.

Thats the update


Friday, July 3, 2009

June.. July.. time is passing by.

Well I Just can never keep up with my blog! :)
Here's a catch up!
June 19-27- California

Volleyball for the first four days. It went well, we got 7th outta 90!
Im pretty excited about that.
On monday after all our games were over, Me and the other Lynsey went to the water park, it was a ton of fun. Here Are some pictures of that and of the team.
Me Lynsey And Neva refing.. We were bored..

The Team
This is one of my favorites. We sat in a two person tube going down it.


after the rides

when we first got there there was a huge fountain, it was really pretty.

after one of the rides.

Just us:)


I dont really know..

On the court. playing the hawaiian team that was number seven.


After that we headed to the condo in lower lake..
Then after two nights went to fortuna.
and i went and saw the best movie in the whole world!!!
TRANSFORMERS: revenge of the fallen!!
ahh, i was so excited. it was better than i expected:)
Saturday we came home.
Now im just hanging out.
Me and Brenda started running.
We got an email from my coach saying be in shape when we come back for tryouts!
So ive got some work outs to do!:)
well that pretty much sums up the last few weeks.
ill keep this more updated.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

pictures of the past few weeks.. and months. hah.

Me and bubs, last vball tourney at OSU!

Lexi girl!
Lots of babysitting!!

i love it.



Last volleyball tournament

this is old but its funny.
this is from like november.
we went on a road trip to the coast.
Me jess and Fels.
im supposed to tell you i made her do this, but really she just likes to waddle.

walking the creek, and jess was recording me singing!!
you cant really hear it that well until i burst out in song.
so just watch the whole thing. hopefully itll give you a laugh:)


jeeze its been a while since i have blogged.

well hmm.. what has happened??

Lots of volleyball in the past week.

Last weekend i got to see my aunt and my cousins, that was nice! This weekend my parents and sis and nana headed to portland.
I decided to stay in town this weekend. (the joy of having your license:D)

Well friday night i went to Lorin Howells dance recital with Rochelle and Mahala.
then we headed to Abby's to eat, then to Lorins.

Today, this lovely saturday morning i got up and headed back to town and got ready and watered the lawn, Me, Shane, and Bruce, headed to the river, the weather has been so nice, i love the sunshine.
anyways after that we went to gilburtoes mexican resturant, it was good..
After we headed back to bruces.
later me shane riley and anna went to my house and swam in the pool..
now i am out at jessica lynne's just hanging out. :)
sister saturday!!!

two weekends ago me and jess went to the river on saturday, we just went on a big adventure, then i came back monday night cause it was hot and i wanted to walk the creek again so i drove out here and it was even more of an adventure than saturday!!
it was fun.

thursday we had a few issues but its all dealt with now!
im hoping.

Things have gotten very busy.
Ive got lots of volleyball and shane is starting summer league basketball.
Chels has softball.
and finals are starting on Friday!
hope it all goes well!

i will post another blog with pictures soon!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday

Shanes birthday is today:)
finally 16! hah, i like to tease him cause hes younger than me.
but anyways i am getting ready to go meet him at Los Dos. Mexican is his favorite.
not much else to blog about..
except i dont like the rain i want it to be sunny!!
last qaurter for sophmore year!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

over the past month..

Havent blogged in FOREVER!
well anyways the day after i got my license i hurt my ankle so i couldnt drive or play volleyball for about two weeks. Missed school, and on top of that i was sick!

So spring break we went up to My aunts in Washington! I always love going up there to visit.
Came home Friday Night. Saturday i hung out with shane.

This last week was the last week of the third quater so we had friday off, i hung out at shanes house after practice on thursday, then went back out there on Friday Morning, we rode the rhino around his property. He has so much of it! He was supposed to have a game on friday night but he didnt. so he skipped practice and came up to Portland with me for volleyball.
We stayed at my dads cousin brandies house. Which is always fun to see them. Shane Taught me how to play pool.
Saturday I played volleyball all day, we got first which moved us up to 15th instead of 35 which is where we started out at. We got home last night around ten.
Went to church this morning then cleaned out the car, went to the park with shane, his dad, and riley. Came home washed the car, then went out to jessicas. Since it was such a beautiful day we rode the rhino up the mountain. It was a lot of fun.
So thats the update since my birthday!:)
ill try and put pictures up soon!:)
oh and ill also try and blog more often!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Birthday Weekend:)

Friday Night Me and Shane Went to the Movies.
Then Jess came over and stayed the night. We stayed up and opened presents at midnight.
Blanket From Jess
They sang to me...

I was way tired.

in the car on the way to chilis.

Friday night. Opening shanes present:)

Me and Shane Reading Chelseys Card.


Midnight. going to open presents
Me and Shane Waiting for the Table At Chili's

He finally Smiled for the First Time!

Saturday i played volleyball all day. (happy birthday to me.)
anyway we won, and got shirts. Then as we were about to leave Everyone started singing it was embarrassing.
Sunday i had a lazy day. then went to tryouts, then to a baby shower, then me and nana went to get a birthday present.
Then Today(monday) Me and Mom went to the DMV and i took my drivers test..
I am A licensed driver now:)
Me and Dad went and looked at cars..
didnt really find much. well i liked one but it was a stick, and i dunno how to do that..
Now i am about to drive out to jess's!!
All by Myself!!:)